The Fifth Tavern is always joyous to look forward to, and so far, has never disappointed. It is a fair ride for Carl and I, but usually goes by in a blur. That being said, the long journey allows us to catch up, collect our thoughts and plan for everything that is ahead of us these days.

It’s usually about making good use of the time that is allowed us. Sure, we could whine and complain about all the little things in life, (and, to be fair, I do a lot), but, time is one of the most important gifts we are given, and to waste even a moment seems a sin.

So we use it as wisely as we can. We arrive early and get settled. We take the time to reconnect with the staff and some of the regulars. We set up, we get ready and we begin, (always on time.)

That connection is usually immediate. We get someone’s attentions and then another table, and then on and on until the ice is broken and everyone seems to have taken the plunge into the vast expanse of popular music.

Three hours at The Fifth Tavern seems to fly by for us. (Since, Carl and I are so used to playing for five.)

It usually feels as though the moment we get settled in and really in a groove, is when it’s about time to stop. On this particular night, we really made an effort to talk to and listen to all the song suggestions and requests that we could from our guests at the tavern. They all appeared to know just what they wanted to hear, and believe me when I tell you that we love getting requests, so that we know which musical direction to venture.

Another thing we have noticed about The Fifth Tavern is that they feel like they appreciate us there. Not sure why, or what its about, but that is defiantly the vibe we get. Our conversations are fun and full of energy and mirth, and before we know it, break time is over and people are expecting us to sing!  (The nerve!)

It’s really not a bad hobby, this music thing. I will let you in on another little secret. When we return and see the regulars, wherever we are entertaining, it only takes a moment to re-connect.  Like the moments lost seem to simply dissolve into thin air.

They make us feel at home, and tell us how much they missed us. Having someone who misses you is a very rewarding feeling. 

 Maybe, the best!


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