To be a father in this day and age is more diverse than ever before.  Nothing could illustrate that premise more than this a-tipicale fathers’ day.

Though we spent the morning with our families, the afternoon and evening was spent in the service of other fathers, (who were undoubtedly doing all they could to be the father they thought they should be to families).











IMG_8412Oh, its not really that complicated.

In stead of us being home lazing on the couch; we were entertaining in Roseville Michigan.  (Ok, we were lazing there, but at least we had a great time!)

Although the day started out in a mirky, quirky kind of cloudy funk; it turned quite nicely as the day evolved.  The sun came out and so did the families, as we entered the Rose-Fest carnival area on Sunday afternoon.

When we began, there was just a small crowd.  A smattering, really.  Well, possibly a gaggle, or a brace.  But not an clowder, for certain.  Ok, a smattering it was.  Until we played; then it was a clowder!

IMG_8454 IMG_8464 IMG_8463 IMG_8462 IMG_8461 IMG_8455 IMG_8456Seriously, it was a very fun afternoon.  The sun was out, but not too hot.  The music was good.  We enjoyed each and every phrase.  The crowd grew, and people stopped their merrymaking to listen; which was nice.  Even the gals in the Bingo tent had to make a pilgrimage to our stage to let us know that they were indeed listing, and they loved it!!!

Before we forget, we just have to thank the wonderful people at Gumbo’s.  Oh, my dear!

It was like nothing we have ever had.  Not only that, after requesting a few songs, and us sending out a few more, they actually brought Carl and I over steaming hot bowls of their incredible-edible gumbo!

IMG_8406 IMG_8411 IMG_8394 IMG_8460Amazing, it was!

And more than that, it put a fitting signature on a delightful day; fit for a family, a mother or and father, celebrating or not!



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