On a Thursday.

In the morning. (11:00 am, no doubt)

On a hill?

Seems preposterous, I know; but none the less we did.  It was during the work week.  It was early in the day, and way out in Oakland County, on a beautiful hill.  Picturesque as it was, we still didn’t believe that there would be anyone much at all attending this, first-in-a-summer concert-series concert.  Boy, were we wrong!

What a magical time, we had!

We played kids’ music, and had a blast!

Well, we know from our winter time that playing for kids, (usually at X-Mas), is our very favorite time of the year.  A concert like this just re-affirms it.  So much fun.

We only played an hour, but what an hour it was.  An hour filled with fun, frivolity and great music, both young and old.

We had so many great comments about what we played and how much the kids loved everything.  The parents were so gracious and patient with everything that was going on.

We began with a blast, and ended with a bounce.  We splashed, we splashed.  We jumped and we hooped!

we hope that this is an annual concert, and we will be included each year.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!


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Look what we found on the West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation site.  Great job capturing the fun and of the day.  What memories we created!

Kids-Komotion-concert2015-01 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-02 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-03 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-04 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-05 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-06 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-07 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-08 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-09 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-10 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-11 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-12 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-13 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-14 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-15 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-16 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-17 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-18 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-19 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-20 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-21 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-22 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-23 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-24 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-25 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-26 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-27 Kids-Komotion-concert2015-28

. . . there was even a very short video.  Can’t wait until next year!


  Click on the logo, to watch it!


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