It’s been a couple weeks since we played on the eleventh of November, at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.  As I pause to look back, nothing particular stands out to set that night apart from many others at The Mice.  Two weeks later, this is what I take away from that evening . . .

People came, people went.  They ate, they drank, they listened, they smiled and laughed.  They told stories and bragged with their friends.  They dreamed and spoke and sang and enjoyed.  They listened, they critiqued, they doubted and complained.

Mostly though, people came to the Three blind Mice to do what people enjoy doing: just being people.

After all, the human condition is pretty much our stock and trade.  If it weren’t for people being gregarious, there would be no reason to gather together at all.

Though I can say without a doubt, people like being alone from time to time, they also enjoy being with other people to share their thoughts feelings, hopes and dreams.

I’ve found that folks simply enjoy sharing their life experiences with other people.  Doesn’t matter where really: In movie theaters; in stadiums, or halls.  In  public places or places of worship.

I have also observed that people enjoy relaxing and unwinding just as much in a group, as they do in private.  There is something about the commonality of the shared experience, that allows them to dissipate their pent-up feelings and frustrations.

We see all of that and more on display most nights that we entertain.  You don’t have to look far, or listen too intently to realize how much music can influence the entire formula.

Carl and I can truly set the mood by simply selecting certain songs or even certain types of songs.  Music has that ability.

In looking back at that night, last November, nothing really jumps out at me.  That, more than anything is why I didn’t write it up immediately.  The night, as I recall came and went without any cataclysmic event at all.

But, I remember the people.  How they interacted with us.  How they said kind things.  How they appreciated the music.  How they thanked us for how hard we work to entertain them.

I do remember the people that night.  And, hopefully, they remember us.  I hope that we made a difference in someone’s evening.  That is the highest compliment that we can ever hope for.  That’s why we play music, really.  To add something to everyone’s life.  Something hopefully good.

We try.  We don’t always hit the mark; but, we try.  And, we will keep trying.  We will keep learning and listening, and sharing and laughing.

That night like so many others, the people made it for us.  I look at these pictures and remember the requests, the happy faces and most of all the sharing of treasured music.  Music that means so much to so many people; and the joy of making it.

We enjoy playing at the Mice.  It is by now, a living breathing organism to us.  It has a past, a present and a bright future.

I guess we must be doing something right; because when we pause to look back  . . .  we can smile with pride.

Music is the reason.
We are the instrument.

Something worth remembering.



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