Question: If a song is sung in the forest, with no one  there to here it, does it really make a sound?  

Apparently it, does.

That is exactly what we put to the test on Friday night, as the Bob and Carl show kicked off at 8:00.

As we were about to assemble on the stage downstairs to begin our night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, the last two tables finished their drinks and headed home for the night.

As a musician, nothing is tougher than to begin a set singing to an empty venue.  That being said, it is also very gratifying to notice that when we were done, the place was full and vibrant once again.

Right after having a conversation with the bartender, who asked me where all of our fans were, several tables of them came and and saved the night.

We understand all too well that on a night where people have been going none-stop for about a week, (and to top that off, were probably up at the crack of dawn to snag any saving they could this holiday season), it was understandable that the night could have been very slow.

Having fans come in to hear us means so much that it is hard to express.  I do know that both Carl and I did all we could to make certain that they knew how much their patronage was valued.  And it certainly was!

We had fun.  Pretty much when people come in with request after request, throughout the entire evening, we have fun.  We love the challenge of playing each and every song that comes our way.

If we know it or not.

If we have never played it before or not.  Sometimes when we’re in the zone; it doesn’t even matter.

So after doing our very best to entertain everyone, it was time to venture upstairs and catch the band that was playing on the second floor.

During our first set, Heather, the lead singer from the band stopped by to chat with us.  She used to play with a band called The Banshees, who played here a while back.  Her new band was now called Enjoy Now.

They had a great sound, a good beat and most of all a great attitude.  While their crowd was small, they were listening intently, and had nothing but good things to say about the sound.

Always fun to listen to other bands and see how they respond to the venue.  One of the great parts of being in this business is to be able to listen to many talented musicians.  its an honor to be a part of it, sometimes.

The rest of the night rushed past, as we met more people coming and going.  It was just that type of day.  It was a day that had everyone thinking about Christmas and trying to be one step ahead of the holiday rush.

It was our job to try and get everyone to relax.  Hopefully we connected some of the tired people with their favorite songs.  Our way of validating what we do.  Making certain that if there is someone listening, we will surly give them something to listen to.


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enjoy now

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