Just as all things tend to change and evolve, there is something particularly enjoyable when a plan goes exactly as it was enviosned.  Such was the case Saturday night, at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.

Don’t get us wrong, we plan for huge crowds of enthusiastic, impassioned revelers, hell-bent on celebration and song.  However, on most night, we fall a bit short of that mark.

On a rare Saturday night appearance this March eleventh, we were hitting on all cylinders, right out of the gate.  The Mouse was packed with many happy groups of people, all out to enjoy the best part of their day.

All we needed to do was our part.  With that in mind, Carl and I began the night with a salute to the impending holiday that always seems to usher in winter’s end and the beginning of all things green.

With St. Paddy’s right around the corner, Carl began singing our traditional Irish opening song; The Whistling Gypsy.

Priming the musical pump with a few choice Irish ballads was the perfect way it seemed, to shake the cobwebs off or our dinner-time guests and prepare them for the night ahead.

With everyone enjoying the “wearin’ of the green”, as it were, we slipped in several more St. Paddy’s favorites.  Before they knew it, we were ending the first set and lunging into the next.

Soon there were smiles in every corner of the little pub.  The music was working its magic all right.  Happy patrons laughing and requesting their treasured songs continued until we had finished set after set, and it was time to wrap things up.

It was a classic night for us.  Busy all evening.  Everyone engaged and enthusiastic.  It had been a long time since we had seen the pub so rollicking and rowdy, and we truly had missed it.

Can’t wait to see everyone back when we return in two weeks.  The green will be everywhere by then, with summer on the verge.


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