Although the most famous person of color, Kermit, seems to have a problem being green, it sure looked easy for an entire gymnasium of Irish revelers in Roseville the other day.

Our long-time friend from Eastpointe, Mary asked us if we could make some time in our schedule this year, for a wee Irish celebration at her senior center in Roseville Michigan.

A while back, we were the guests of honor to open the senior center to a huge crowd of excited community guests and dignitaries.  They were thrilled with our performance, and thought that they would have us entertain again, but this time, for an Irish celebration.

Carl and I arrived an hour and a half early to a completely full gymnasium of green-clad Irish enthusiasts.  Everywhere that we looked, we saw green.  Apparently as Mary was want to say, “If you’re on time, YOU’RE LATE!” when it comes to these spry seniors.

Good for us, we were ninety minutes early.

Setting up was quick and easy, and gave us ample time to visit with many endearing faces.  They were simply thrilled that we could come and entertain with our stories, songs and Irish wit.

First it was time for some prizes to be given away; and when everyone appeared present and ready to go, the lunch bell was rung.

After a delicious meal of corned beef and cabbage, it was time for us to shine.

We started out with our traditional Irish beginning, The Whistling Gypsy, until we settled on a perfect balance of instruments, tempo and volume.

Song after song flowed from one to the other, as we began to win over the audience for good.  Everyone was happy, everyone was smiling and all of a sudden an entire group of brave souls even jumped up and began a hearty jig!

After time for a sing-a-long, we had pretty much sung every Irish favorite that the group could think of, plus two.

It was a truly magical afternoon.  Even my sister and mother wouldn’t have missed this big day.

After a very short break, Carl and I finished up the afternoon with a Danny Boy and a Green Alligator.  Hopefully two songs that would stay with these fine people throughout this holiday and into the next.

Once again, Mary bent over backwards to accommodate us.  We have been working with her, nearly thirty years now, and with every opportunity comes a brand new set of warm memories and smiles.


It was truly an honor to be invited to Roseville.  Hopefully, when the cruel winter relinquishes its cold hand, next year, we will be back to bring forth the wearing O’ the green!


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