“C’mon in and have a drink!”

This immortal words will forever beckon the tired stranger or the grizzled life-veteran to walk through those doors, sit down and cast off all the troubles and cares that imprison their psyche.

Sounds pretty good, actually; to find a place that can shed your inhibitions, and worries if only for a little while.

Well, such a place does exist, right here in historic, downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan . . .

The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.

Of course by now you realize that people have been arriving on this very spot for over one hundred years to escape from whatever malady or infliction the world has saddled them with.  The escape hatch being the front door of the Mice.

Once inside, the tired become rested.  The hungry become fed and the thirsty become slated.  And while they are at it, we ply their souls with a little bit of song, for good measure.

It relaxes some, and emboldens others.  It stokes their flames and touches their hearts.

Music mixes between these walls with the right measure of alcohol to fuel the heart, mind and soul.  Not a secret recipe, but one that time has honored no matter what culture, creed or race you happen to be.

We realize, Carl and I, that when people come into the pub for en evening, they want to find whatever they are looking for.  To quench their thirst, to contain their hunger and to share their lives with others of their own ilk.  Our music is designed to weave a tapestry that will somehow wrap them up in, if even for a few hours, without their knowing.  To hold them captive while alcohol and song transport them to the place they really want to be.

Our music may not bring them in; but it certainly is a conversation starter, once here.  It opens doors and lights rooms without question.  It enables thought and curries optimism.

Each song, a modern day classic by a songwriter who traded his or her  identity for immortality.

Our gift is to make it all new again, each time we sing it.  If entertaining is anything, it is immortality, for many of these same songs have been sung for more than fifty years now.

What a thought . . .  to create something that will stand the test of time.

The music we perform, like The Three Blind Mice, has done just such a thing.  Stood the test of time.  It’s been open for more than five years now, and still going strong.

We always enjoy being there, and hope to be back soon.


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