Fish Flyin’ away
Fish flyin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
the more your fish flyin’ away

Our apologies to the great Paul Simon as we steal his lyrics and twist them to our own advantage.

Those fish flies, (actually they are Mayflies), turned what was another amazing night at Bumper’s Landing into well, another amazing night with lots and lots of fish flies.

Pretty much, it was only Carl and I that suffered their plague, as our stage lights acted as runway landing lights for those cute little devils.

But, I digress . . .

The afternoon at Bumper’s started out in the usual way.  Boaters enjoying a cool adult beverage and the casual “Island” lifestyle

Another perfect day by the water.  How could anyone know what lay in wait for the unsuspecting drink aficionado.  Just kidding.

It’s truly only fish flies for crying’ out loud.

So we played our first set and enjoyed every moment of each song.  Sometimes the reaction of people can be priceless.  This time, we got to watch this young mother dancing with her child.  They were both having such a wonderful time.  Priceless!

More and more people began to fill the deck, all of them having a wonderful time.  It really is rewarding, know that we get the chance to entertain so many people at such a wonderful venue.  It is really quite picturesque, being right on the water.  The perfect background to the many songs about the sea and the island lifestyle.

Many fun people stopped by to have a drink, have a listen and to simply soak up the cool, casual wonders of the Great Lakes.

Our songs were bringing lots of smiles with even a few joining in to help carry the musical load.

We wait all year for days like these, and when the arrive, they become even more precious that ever.

Dogs, women, waitresses and wine.  What ever or whomever could be missing?

Oh yes, the fish flies.

Sure, just as we were getting all comfortable before our very last set at 10:00, those little devils awoke from their summer slumber.

As the bar turned off all of their lights, our lighting became the homing beacons that they used to stop by and say, “Hello!” in earnest.

Carl and I were quickly covered with them, just as we began to play.  Thankfully we had some special bug repellant that we were given in Auburn Hills to ward them off.

By now, we knew what to expect, what to do and what to avoid at all costs.  While they were pesky and a bit of an annoyance, thy really didn’t even slow us down this time.  Except when they started to land on Carl’s touch screen that controls the drums and change all the settings.

No matter, we were there to finish up the night in grand fashion and that was exactly what we did; bugs or no bugs.

By the way, nothing really bothers us, we are both members of Brad Savage and The Amazing Cockroaches.  If we can handle those bugs, we can handle some little fishy flies that only hang around for 24 hours.



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