Some nights just end up being slow because of what’s going on in the world.

On this Saturday night, three or four high schools were having homecoming dances all around town.  Families were out in force making Kodak moments on their front lawns, as their precious children were heading off to the dance.   They would stare uncomfortably at those picture while holding their breath until the door opened  back up and their kids returned home.

All of that is wonderful; an amazing part of growing up, school and parenting.  However, it doesn’t make for a particularly great night out at the local bar or sporting establishment.

That being said, Carl and I set out to put the night to good use, having our own special brand of fun with some amazing patrons, while throwing our regular song list out the window.

It began as a slow night; but slow with style!

For us, on an evening like this, we look forward to playing another type of music all-together.  We could even do some acoustic/eclectic things, that we usually reserve for smaller folk-y-er clubs.

We played Simon & Garfunkel, some Neil Young and Bobby Dylan that we regularly don’t get a chance to do.  Each and every song elicited an interesting and at times totally unexpected reaction from the sparse crowd.  

The people who found their way to Bumper’s Landing that night, must have gotten together to find a way to collaborate on making the evening totally unforgettable.  Like a cast of characters from a timeless story, each would play their part in this night’s tale.

First and foremost, as the regular gang went about doing what they always do; enjoying their dinner, or drinks and soaking up the nautical ambiance; there were a few others in the house that would transform our “usual”  evening into something far better.

Dan began.

When he and his stunning  gal-pal arrived, they brought with them, fun, excitement and a huge dose of musical talent.  Dan knows how to sing, and has actually sung with us a few times before.  All of them awesome, because of his stage presence and musical ability.

On this night, Dan did one of his usual hits: For What It’s Worth.  With that one getting a great response from the crowd, we plowed ahead with another, Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love.

Dan took what was an ordinary night and kicked it way up a few notches.  Can’t wait until he shows up the next time!  (We just have to do our homework).

Time for act two:

Next up were some good friends, requesting their favorites, just the way we play them.  Something about making people happy, hits us right in that sweet spot that checks all of our boxes.  

Neal Diamond, Van Morrison and Johnny Cash poured out of us, like music from an  old, beloved car radio.

Now the crowd was growing, the smiles were plentiful and the night was ready for act three. . .  

Right on cue, the door opened and in walked a trio of reasonably inebriated prospective customers.  Right away we knew something interesting was about to happen.

Just about then is when one of the happy gals walked up to us, grabbed a bar stool and plunked right down on it as if she was Sissy, from The Urban Cowboy.

Play me a country song!” She caterwauled, as Carl and I whole-heartedly obliged.  Accompanying us on her wicked Tamborine, we belted out country hit after country hit, undoubtedly hitting her, more or less in her sweet-spot.

You really can’t write this stuff, and, we probably don’t even need to.  

Fortunately, on a night to remember, we will do just that.  Remember, just how amazing it is to make a musical connection with so many wonderful and interesting people.

We live a charmed life, Carl and I.  

Hopefully, we don’t let one day go by when we take that for granted.  We try and appreciate each and every moment with the people we care about; because by the time we are done singing, they could all be gone.





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