Spring needs to officially begin some time, and for us, this is it!

From the moment we approached Bumper’s Landing we knew something special was in the air; there was not a parking spot to be had, anywhere!  Parking is not actually plentiful at Bumper’s, but on Derby Day, a spot can be as scarce as an honest bookie!

No matter, we forged ahead and began setting up early, since more and more people were pouring through the doors.

Folks were everywhere, milling about on the newly-opened patio, lounging at the Tiki bar, and jockeying for position inside, the long bar.

The Kentucky Derby was poised and ready to run, enchanting every wide eye in the house.  Carl and I  were doing our final sound check just as we heard, “Riders up!”

Two minutes later, the one hundred and forty-fifth running of this historic race was in the history books.  Then twenty minutes later, that same book was re-written, as the winner was disqualified!

Somewhere lost in all of that, Bumper’s was still packed as we began our first set.  There was still plenty of electricity in the air as the requests began pouring in.  It was a fun day, and it looked to be a very interesting evening.

We continued our high energy format from the night before; figuring, “If it ain’t broke, keep on playin’ it!”  The music was uptempo, irreverent and fun; party style, you might call it.  By that time of the evening, everybody was up, engaged and ready to play.

Now filled with revelers, it was getting close to the edge chaos, at the bar.  Everyone was into something, and all of it fun!  Just about then, the alcohol was reaching the user-maximum-saturation-point.  (always good for us).

From that point on, things started to get a lot more fuzzy, as things began spinning out of control.  I remember a lot of crazy music, a lot of dancing, a huge amount of drinking, and some fine Tamborine playing.  Everything you would wish for at any good Shindig!

It’s really difficult to have a bad time at Bumper’s and it hasn’t ever happened so far.  This night started as a horse race, but ended as a rock concert as Carl and I flexed our musical muscles.

The Kentucky Derby, and Bumper’s Landing; you really can’t get more American than that.

Well, possibly, including American pie, you might say . . .


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