That was the take-away from our enjoyable Friday night at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.

Carl and I had just been talking about the three owners who have been the steady hand on this venerable pub since it’s opening, more than five years ago.  We just haven’t seen them much, since they have such a great staff that keeps it going, week in and week out.

Speak of the devil!  During our setup, we saw a glimpse of Tony, and before we could even  say a word, there was Brad!

Funny how things work out some times.  It was great to see Brad and catch up on The Mice from the inside.  Chatting with him always gives us an interesting perspective that was couldn’t get any other way.

We discussed how the pub has been undergoing some upgrades to keep pace with all of the foot traffic over the last five years.  (New carpet upstairs, new chairs and an entire main floor refinish, etc.).  There have been a lot of things happening at this watering hole, open nearly seven days a week.

After our conversation, it was time to begin our night officially by singing the very first song.  Something up-temp was in order, and would be on the menu all night long.

Buffett, Chesney, Seger and Morrison to begin.  Start strong and keep throwing wood on the fire.  That was our goal.

We had attained the perfect formula: Good crowd, amazing food, and plenty of alcohol!  All we needed to do was to wrap it up in a classic, well-loved melody, and the night was ours!

Brad was doing his part, by interacting with the pliable customers.  His knowledge of what’s on tap is extraordinary.  It was Founder’s night at The Three Blind Mice, and that means some serious imbibing.

The tempo right through the third set was still fast and furious, keeping pace with each and every request that was tossed our way.  Cat Stevens, Elton John, and more Seger were heaved at us, nearly overwhelming us in the process.

Don’t worry, we played them all and were thirsty for more!

Nothing is better than a happy customer armed with playful requests.  One after another, they were played, all of them up-tempo and up-beat.  It was a perfect way to usher in the spring singing season.

The night was coming to a close, and with it, our time with Brad.  He wished us well and faded into the dark night.  Like a springtime sprite, his suggestions and incites echoed throughout the wood-toned walls of our favorite, local pub.

Carl and I never took our foot off the accelerator even as the evening drew into the midnight hour.  We finished the entire night without playing even one slow song!

Not an easy feat.

Brad likes “Up-Tempo”, so that is exactly what we gave him.  All in all, it was a very fun night.  The patrons of course, as always, are the stars of our show.

They came, they dined and they sampled.  Our music was simply the tablecloth to underscore all that makes this classic pub the timeless establishment that it is.

Another memorable evening in downtown Mount Clemens.

We really enjoy being part of the legacy that is The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.  We have given much blood, sweat and tears to make it flourish in a city that still is searching for its’ identity.

With such great leadership, we have little doubt that it will continue to be the focal point of   a town who’s star is on the rise.

We sing, and will continue to sing its praises!


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