We have been entertaining in Eastpointe since many of you were born.  Actually, long before Eastpointe was born.

When Carl and I first played in Eastpointe, there was not even a pointe to it.  There was however, a Detroit in the name.

Long ago, when we first came to this area, (no matter what it was called), we played in Kennedy park.  We all should know that name, without any fear of contradiction.

Kennedy park was beautiful and fun and very family friendly.

We began playing there as The Boys, in the eighties.  Dance music mixed with good old Rock N’ Roll!

We played there for many years; and always had a blast.

After a while, we moved on to Spindler park, and a show-mobile style show.  Lots of line dancers and family fun.  We had a wonderful time playing those shows as The Boys, and began playing some extra shows as a duo around this same time.

It was now 1992 and the city dropped Detroit from its name and added a Pointe.  (To this day Carl and I are not absolutely sure the reason they did that was to protect us from any and all legal action we might have incurred along the way.)

We continued at the park on the show-mobile until the mid 2000’s.

Soon there was a new municipal building with more emphasis on seniors and family interaction.  Part of the new structure was a stage and gathering area outside for music and or special events.

Since around 2009 we have been playing at the new structure.  It’s a much different environment and “feel” to playing there.  Hopefully the crowds enjoy the music regardless of where it is.

It is now 2019, and a hot Wednesday night.  We had been contracted to play from 6:30 until 8:00 on this warm summer evening, and began right on time with some Ricky Nelson.  (Something different than we usually begin with.)

That got them dancing right away!

Next was a trip to that dock-by-the-bay, and some Otis Redding for everyone’s approval.  From there we played a Peaceful Easy Feeling by none other than The Eagles.

Can’t Help Falling In Love, Brandy, Sea Cruise, Daydream Believer, Five ‘O Clock Somewhere and The Banana Boat Song all found their way to the ears of our contented listeners.

We play each song as if we were playing them for the most important person in our lives, whether they are in the audience or not.  The fire and passion that we feel from performing is always about whom we are playing for.

Music is how we reach people.  Our reason for being.  And the language we use to communicate is song.

Cheeseburger In Paradise, Mary Ann and The Limbo Song.

Everyone has a special song.  Something that is so personal and meaningful that when they hear it, it awakens emotions and feelings they cannot contain.

My Girl.

This is our goal.

As I have said many, many times, it is the people that keep us doing what we do.  It is our connection with them, and theirs with us that makes it work.

That, and that alone keeps us going.

There was a young man and his gal that helped us get acclimated when we arrived.  His job was to make sure that the bands got everything they needed to set up.

He was great.  He wants to be performing someday, and I am quite sure that it will happen.

After a couple encores, our evening in eastpointe ended.  Time to tear down, put everything back in the Bob & Carl-Mobile and head to another event.

It doesn’t really matter to us where we play.  The real question is . . .

. . . will you be there?


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