We knew that it had to happen.

. . that summer would eventually get around to stopping by.

Although we had no idea that it would take this long to do it, to be honest.

I remember in the past there were plenty of spring days that seemed like the heat would overpower us.  Long days of sun, light and spray, marketing all the goodness that lay ahead.

Not this year.

As most of you already know, any and all sunny days have been few and far between.  In fact, this year seemed more like we a live in a rain forest, not a water, winter, wonderland.

So with the weather finally presenting Carl and I an opportunity to actually entertain outside, we took full advantage of it.

Arriving at Bumper’s Landing early, we were able to take our time setting up and getting the feel for the pavilion once again.

It didn’t take much as after only a few moments, we settled right in and felt at home by the water.

The first thing that we noticed however was the fact that since we were playing on a different night, (Friday), the crowd was completely different than what were were used to. To be honest, there weren’t many faces that we recognized.

The weekends at Bumper’s means that the start time is moved up an hour.  That’s fine by us, as we were more than eager to get the party started.

With the summer sun shining down, we began the not long enough, season-of-song by the water in earnest.  Nothing really makes us happier, (other than playing holiday music for the wide-eyed school kids.)

The eagles were selected to begin our first set on dry land; then some Seger and of course, Jimmy Buffett.  It always seems the perfect beginning to any set we play for boaters.  Playing his music on the longest day of the year is an extra bonus.

The crowd was cordial, but quiet to to begin.  Spending every moment so far, soaking up all the sunny goodness that could be mined from the sky.

Our music was the perfect backdrop to this boater’s paradise in Harrison Twp.  Smiles were already plentiful as we began our second set of songs.

One thing that you can count on at Bumper’s is the unexpected, and this Friday evening was no different.  In fact, it was Brad’s birthday!

Although we didn’t realize it yet, we were in for a treat of epic proportions.  Brad was more than ready to drink, sing dance, drink, cajole, drink, entertain and drink a little bit more as needed to get the celebration amped up and elevated to the level you would expect any Brad party to attain!

Even the entertainers were entertained on this particular Friday evening.

The sun was out, but it was not particularly warm yet.  Summer was here, but guarded and reserved at this point.  The music was was now even more upbeat than ever, and dancers were taking full advantage of the opportunity to groove to the music.

The groove was powerful and everywhere at this point.  Song and smiles put everyone in just the right musical “place”.

Even as the air turned cooler, people still wanted to get into the act, and the band.  While Carl gave piano lessons, I fought off the first army of fish-flies that stopped by to salute summers’ rightful appearance.

Some things just become part of your life/soul, and it’s very difficult to imagine your life without them.

We will just continue to sing our songs, and hope that the hearts that they were intended for hears them.




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