One way to enjoy all that a classic Michigan summer has to offer is to load the family in an RV or camper, point it north and let nature take its course.

Thats what hundreds of families do in Michigan, and last Saturday, Carl and I were right in the thick of it.  We were hired to bring the music, and that’s just what we did.  Music, and a whole lot more.

Why I say that is because an event like this that we entertain at is so much more than just the music.  That’s the easy part.

It begins with a long drive to simply get there.  Out past Brighton, in the heart of the woods is where this campground is located.  Just the drive is enough.

No matter, we love a good challenge, and this campground is just what the doctor ordered.  Miles and miles from somewhere, Carl and I arrived to settle in for the afternoon.

Down by the water would work best, if you want to get everyone to listen to music on a hot summer day.

That’s just where we set up our equipment.  There was a tent on the sand, but that wouldn’t have worked out too well for us.  We chose the pavilion, and once we got ready, we reached into our musical bag of songs to let everyone know we were there.

We got lots of peasant compliments after finishing our first set.  Just before the DJ began to do his thing.  He directed all the kids in beach games while blasted played music in the sand.

The kids loved it!

There were squeals and laughter and all types of craziness as far as the eye could see.  It was another great day to be at the Taylor Family Campground.

For us it was kind of watching a very animated movie from the sixties, like Beach, Blanket Bingo! where everyone runs around with sun and surf and music and kids and craziness is everywhere, all at once.  We were there, we saw it, but really don’t have a handle on what’s going on!

All good though.

We came, we played and we packed up.  Our one big regret was to not be there for the huge bon fire that was going to happen later.

We will be back at the camp ground later this summer, and when when we return, I am certain that we will see more fun, more kids, Moree bathing duties, more campers and swimmers and shenanigans aplenty!

Really can’t wait.





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