Carl and I have found our musical pot of gold, right where we never thought to look;   on the banks of the majestic Clinton River!

“Follow your party instinct just about a mile past Mac & Rays as the road meanders towards the lake, and there it is!

Bumper’s Landing

We have never felt so appreciated in all the years we have been entertaining as we do there.  The customers, the staff and most of all the owner and his family.

It’s a true feeling of enjoyment to be able to entertain at this exciting establishment.  We literally can’t wait to arrive; mostly because something unexpected is always awaiting us.

. . . and, in a good way!

The patrons are always happy and engaged.  The staff is hustling to do whatever it takes to make everyone’s experience satisfying.  And the entire vibe is crazy, laid-back fun.

Paradise by the lake!

Just pulling in the parking lot has us intrigued.  One look tells us a lot of things.  How crowded it is, what type of day to look forward to, and who is on deck working, amount other things.

Literally, none of it matters, as its always constantly good.  However we like to try and figure out how the night might evolve; (though, we seldom get it right.)  Just too many variables:  The weather, the calendar, crazy people!

They all play their part.

In that maelstrom of chaotic craziness that is Bumper’s Landing, there is however, one constant that keeps it operating at such a high level: the amazing staff!

Nowhere we have ever worked have there been such a crew of hardworking, highly functioning people that take such pride in what they are doing.

They work, and work and work and work and work some more!

Tireless, efficient, up-beat ladies and gentlemen who always go the extra mile to make certain that the customers are taken care of, no matter what.  We see it each and every time we play.

As I have said, the vibe is a lot of what attracts people too Bumper’s.  Its kind of like a secret clubhouse that you can go to, and do all the things that you can’t do in the “real world.”

You can relax there if you want.

You can eat a great meal there too.

You can interact with other like-minded, kool people, and most of all, you can drink!

Now couple those things together and place it right on the water, and now you know why people keep coming back!

Just look at those happy faces, the next time you are there.

I go from table to table during our breaks and capture lots of the smiles with my camera.  Some places that we play, I feel like I am intruding when I want to take a picture or two for this website; but not here.  Everyone is so outgoing and genuinely happy that they offer to pose for me before I can even ask!

We all know that in Michigan, no matter how much we love the other seasons, summer is king.  We love and look forward to our summertime beyond all else.

There is baseball, and parks.  Biking, swimming and of course, boating.

So many boaters know that Bumper’s in now a destination, rather than a bar on the water.  Boaters love things they can count on.

They want calm waters.  They want a full tank of gas.  They want clear sailing.   And maybe more than anything, a safe haven from this crazy, unpredictable world.

That’s why they dock at Bumper’s Landing.  For all those reasons and more.

Our music is just a bonus.

We work as hard as we can to make that a destination as well.  Always trying our best to bring new music with us each night we are performing.

since the crowd is like a living organism, moving, flowing and ever changing, we need to always adjust to its needs and desires accordingly.

On this night for instance, a huge boat with an entire group of young kids descended on the bar.  Three of the young girls put on a show with their dancing to the delight of the huge crowd.

They quickly filled a tip jar because of their amazing performance, and then turned around and shared half of it with us!

I truly believe that things like that don’t happen most other places.  But they do at Bumper’s, most every night.

We read the crowd and adjust our selections accordingly.  We start on time and play longer and extra, most very time.  We talk with our customers and find out how we can make the musical experience even better.

We do what we can to support the staff whenever possible.

Carl and I take great pride in what we do.  We feel so very blessed to be able to return time and time again to such an awesome place.

It’s true that we never know just what to expect at Bumper’s, but then again in paradise, you don’t really have to worry about too much at all.

Good food, good friends, great drinks . . .


just add water!


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