Ok, now that we have your attention, let me explain . . .

Here we are at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township, it’s six O’clock and yet we are still thinking about where we were just a couple hours before: SterlingFest 2019.

We had opened, earlier in the day for The Shy at the beer tent stage, finishing at three fifteen.  Just enough time to throw everything back in the van and high-tail it back to Bumper’s for another, entirely different experience, altogether.

SterlingFest was a nice event, as it was the first time that we had played at their new facility.  The good people of Sterling Heights have obviously been working very hard putting lots of time, money and planning into their annual township fundraiser; and it showed.

There were a few bands in the musical line-up even bigger than Bob and Carl.  (If you can believe that.).

Jill Jack, Sugar Ray and the headliner for SterlingFest 2019, Vince Neil.

While we were setting up, playing and even during our breaks, you could hear Neils band doing sound checks and testing their PA. from the main stage

The crowd was beginning to assemble even before our show, to get just the right spot on the grass.   It was going to be a big night for the Dodge Park folks, and great for hard rock lovers, everywhere.

Anyway . . .

At the height of their career, Motley Crue released one of their biggest albums, Girls, Girls, Girls!, a tribute to their decadent lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, beautiful women and general debauchery.

That was never our lifestyle, but then again, we are still entertaining, and the Crue is not.

So as I stood on the patio of Bumper’s Landing, it struck me that while we may not of lived a life-on-the-edge musical career like Vince Neil; we do experience some of it’s greater benefits from time to time, like being surrounded by beautiful girls.

Oh my, yes!

Bumper’s has many amazing benefits, and one of them is the beautiful girls.  From the staff to the customers, there is always something to “appreciate” about being the house band.

You know what they say, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!”

All kidding aside, Carl and I have the greatest job in the world; entertaining at the most exciting place we have ever played.

Getting to play for such beautiful women is just one of the perks.

They bring in the guys.  The guys pilot the boats and they girls like the boats.  Well, the boats and the guys.

It all works pretty well, I believe.  We stand back and see it unfold on a nightly basis.  Carl and I are merely observers in this timeless musical.

My point was, as I stood on the patio, poised to entertain this joyful throng, it was apparent that while we might never be as popular as Motley Crue, we still enjoy some of the benefits of being somewhat lesser Rock Stars.  The Girls, Girls, Girls at Bumper’s Landing are just as beautiful as any girls anywhere in the world!

Let’s begin with the staff: Beautiful, funny, smart, savvy and hardworking.  They make it all happen, and Carl and I continually in awe at what they accomplish.  We know that without them, nothing would happen.  All the food, music or cold drinks in the wouldn’t keep customers coming back if they didn’t have a great dining experience.  All because of their unparalleled care and tremendous work ethic.

The customers pour in each night we play, and are generally happy, friendly and excited to simply be at Bumper’s.  They are some of the nicest and friendliest people that we have ever had the great fortune to entertain.

No matter what has happened in their day, we feel that when they come through those doors, all their cares and woes wash away.  Some tropical drinks and some tropical music makes most of them feel that they have gotten away to a secret destination where the cares of the modern world cannot assail them.

We can’t help it that they guys are good looking and the women are beautiful!  That just adds to the legend we are building each Saturday.

So when the music began at six, we could tell right away that something was up. Call it something in the air or some thing in the water, there was something going on, indeed.

Everyone was a little squirrelly compared to other nights.  The girls were showing off and the guys were not missing a moment of it.

We got lots of requests, being caught squarely in the middle.  The girls wanted to dance, and the guys . . . .   wanted the girls to dance.

The crowd began to swell as the sun went down and the music got even dancier!?

The ladies took over the show from that point on, and we mostly did what they told us to do, right until eleven.  One more song, our requested Beatles encore.

As I stood on the stage at the end of our night, I thought to myself, “Yep, O’l  Vince ain’t got nuthin’ on us!”

Next time anyone wants to shoot a video of of beautiful girls, just drop by.  They’ll undoubtedly be here!





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