When it comes to a party that lights up the night, nowhere else on the water can handle it as well as Bumper’s Landing.

Not just the amazing staff, security and accommodations, but the planning as well.  A big event like this comes off so well because of all those elements working in concert.

They have the room, they have the help and they have the civic minded owner who gives of himself to make events like this happen.

When the parade of lights finally passed by on Saturday night, to the delights of thousands of people, it was because of the hard working people just like this that tirelessly and selflessly promoted it and make it a reality.

As for Carl and I, we try to do our part.  We entertained the crowd as best we could.

It was a very good night.

Even as we arrived, it was evident that this night was going to be over and above what most nights have been this summer.  The parking lot was beyond full and there was an overflow going.  And all of that was before five O’Clock.

We were a little late as we needed to get some things hung up in the van for the evening.

Somehow, we found room to get our gear unloaded and all set up and ready to go without too much of an issue.

By then, Bumper’s was packed and ready to explode.

Now every fine watering hole in America has its regular clientele and Bumper’s is no different.  Carl and I know just about all of them at this point.  However, on this night, they were the exception as most of these people were patrons that we haven’t usually seen before.  Always great to entertain some new customers, and hope that they spread the word about all of the amazing things that are going on here.

Oh, the regulars were in attendance as well, and everyone was all smiles on this perfect afternoon.

Jake, Tony and the boys.  Lisa, Cathey and Julie.  The guy who need to hear, Heart Of Gold.  The guys that love to slow dance.  The girls that need to boogie and the smokers.

The dogs, the beer affectionados, and first time families.  Boaters, bikers and builders.  Wives, widows and wild men.

Everyone gathering in one amazing clubhouse by the water to share an evening of fun.

How amazing that Carl and get to witness it all on a nightly basis.

With all of that, there was even a special guest or two on premises to do the judging of the boats, right from our docks; the county executive, Mark Hackel and former Michigan Secretary of State, Candice Miller.

Right from the very first song, people could tell that it was going to be a different night.  There was no pacing ourselves tonight, as our goal was to just unleash the dogs and let them off the chain to howl!

We began the long night of entertaining with the usual Jimmy Buffett, but not the usual type of song.  We started with Margaritaville, and things heated up from there.

The pace was quick and upbeat with very little time between songs for the people to even catch their breath.  We were on a mission and the mission was to give these folks a night to remember.

As for Bumper’s the staff, they were keeping up with the multitudes by doing what they do best; working their butts off.

All we needed to do was to keep the music hot and groovin’ !

Every boat well was taken, as well as every parking spot.  They were even reminding  people that the several cars that were parked illegally needed to be moved before they were towed.

Our first and second set were over and things were going very well. There we’re so many people it was quit difficult to talk to any of them, one-on-one.  So, we worked as hard as we could to find out what requests we could mine, and made sure that everyone was happy with the songs we are playing.

After that, things kind of got all blurry.  (Not in an alcoholic way, but like the movie, Fast & Furious, way.)  We played every dance song we could think of, and only threw in a few slow dance numbers, so that people could catch their breath.

Nobody was slowing down, that’s for sure.  Well, we sure weren’t.  It was inching towards our sixth hour of playing, and there was no end in sight.

One more barrage of up-temp dance music, and we might just make it until the end.

The crowd was thinning at that point, just in time to save us from the seventh hour.

We played until the police notified us that it was time to stop.  That was around 12;30.

Just like the good o’l days!

It didn’t  matter, since everyone was more than happy at that point.

The boats with the pretty lights had come and gone by then.  The drinks had been drunk.  The food had been eaten.  The dances had been danced.

Life couldn’t get any better for these happy people.  It was our privilege to be able to entertain at this year’s festival of lights.

We loved every minute of it.

To the casual observer, a crowd of this size might be attributed to the festival, however, we know better.  Just another summer night at Bumper’s Landing.  The funnest place on the planet!


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