The first thing I would report about this gig was that the crowd was small.

. . . . Small, but mighty!

Mighty happy, mighty friendly and mighty dynamic; they always make our night memorable in some way.

That’s the story here in Harrison Township, just east of Selfridge.

Everyone arrives here eventually during the summer months, but this time of year, it’s a little bit more of a local hang-out then a winter destination.

We’re here, Carl and I, bringing out what we can of the warm weather in music and melody.  There’s something oh so soothing about hearing tropical music when its cold outside.

Something warm and comforting.  (Go on, try it for yourself.  Put on some island music, you’ll understand, Mon ! . . . )

It’s our way of helping people forget their troubles.  The music the food, the alcohol, the melodies . . .  pretty soon, you’re in a totally different frame of mind.

It may be cold, windy or snowing when we arrive at Bumper’s Landing; and yet, when that first melody is heard, the smiles begin to warm up the place, nicely.

We love this place, the staff, the regulars, the entire experience.  It keeps us entertaining.  It keeps us focused and fortunate.

The real takeaway: Bumper’s Landing is always interesting, always exciting and always a good time.

Usually I’ll write about a particular night, listing in chronological order exactly what happened.  (To the very best of my recollection)  I take great care to note exactly who arrived to share the event and what made it particularly memorable.

This is not one of those posts.

I’m here to tell you that life is truly a matter of choices.

What I am trying to convey here, is that no matter when you visit Bumper’s, you will have a great time.  The day or dates simply don’t matter.

The particular day of the week, has no bearing on the fun; the people are always live here, always up-beat and always creating lasting memories.

That I know.

The staff here are the best anywhere.  They don’t just serve you, they interact with you.  They talk, they listen, they care.  They, more than anything else, keep customers coming back.

Let me say it again, the staff is amazing.  The bands are great too. (well I have to add that, don’t I?)

But, it’s really about the people.

Without the patrons, nothing would exist.

Carl and I can certainly practice and hone our craft, the staff can prepare and be ready, but without the people coming through those doors it would all be for nothing.

The patrons here are always fun.  They arrive to experience a good time, and they stir the drinks, so to speak.

When all of those elements are in place, we can categorically guarantee that fun will follow.

So the next time you have the opportunity to go out and really enjoy an evening, make sure that Bumper’s Landing is on your short list of venues.

Life if pretty short.  Before you know it, some chances for real happiness are gone.

I have noticed recently that some people make poor decisions that they will regret for the rest of their lives.

Don’t let this be one of those.


Once upon a time
Once when you were mine
I remember skies
Mirrored in your eyes
I wonder where you are
I wonder if you think about me
Once upon a time
In your wildest dreams.


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