You know its coming

By now, the season has gripped even the staunchest of Grinches.

Lights and ornaments everywhere, the malls bustling again, and even precious emails bursting at the seems with signs that the holidays are
truly upon us.

Although the stress level is higher than most months, people are still pretty kind and thoughtful this time of the year.  There is defiantly something in the air, and I’m pretty sure it is not the smell of politics or the stench of another Lions losing season.

It is, more than anything, the warmth of the holidays.

There is a different feel, a different understanding, a different vibe in  the air.  It is the time of year that people reflect most on the things that matter the most to them.  A time of Christmas miracles.

Friends, family, loved ones. . .

Values are in vogue through the holidays as well.

People also give deeply this time of the year.  They share their time and talents in ways that will benefit the institutions that they believe in.  Charities, organizations and philanthropic institutions swell and burst with caring individuals, hoping to make a difference.

And, they do.

Each and every glowing light and joyful sound adds to the din of our traditional upbringing, bridging the connection from oldest grandparent to youngest infant.

The joy of the season lives because it is shared and passed on throughout our lifetime.  It is what is most precious to us.  It is what we value and what we desire to pass down to those whom we care most.  How we treat each other through the holidays is what is best about us.

When Carl and I arrive to play, we can actually see the joy on each face.  It is a special time to be lucky enough to entertain during this precious season.

While we realize how distracted people are, with what’s going on in their lives, they still need to relax and de-stress more than ever.  Hopefully our music helps soothe those feelings of angst and disillusionment.

Music does that.  And, more! (A kind of miracle?)

Saturday night at Bumper’s……

The big game was on. (always) There was a holiday party out in the party room, and everything was right with the world.

We began our night with some island music, hopefully setting the mood for more relaxation and renewing.  Each song wafted through the holiday air as if to say . . . “It’ll be all right. We’ll get through this together.”  “Just keep listening . . .”

After the firsts set, it was time to throw in a couple of Christmas songs.  We asked the crowd for their favorites and echoed them right back with maximum holiday fervor.  (When you have everyone singing along, you know for sure that the evening is a success.)

Between the football, the Christmas carols and the pickle shots, you know that something is about to happen.  Well, as everyone and everything became really lit, we finished the night with our tribute to good-time music.

Yep, we pulled out Brown Eyed Girl, Crocodile Rock, I’m A Believer and Sweet Caroline.  

And we were damned proud of it!

It was just what everyone needed; to forget about everything that had to be done and just sing badly!

We made that choice instantly on this lonely December night.  After all, if you had the choice of being happy or sad, which would you choose?

Believe me, all of these choices are our own to make.

Want to chose positive or negative? Ignorance or wisdom?  Healthy or sedentary?  Poor or comfortable?

With the person or persons you truly love, or with people that add no value to your life?

Only we can change our lives in the vision that we desire.  This is the season for miracles.

Our message is this: Stop waiting for it to happen, YOU can be that miracle!


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