You know when you have that best friend, and you can literally be apart for like, years, and then you see them again, and it feels like you haven’t even been apart for more than a day?

Well, Bumper’s Landing is kinda like that.

Although Carl and I have been playing there every summer for years, we have never been so glad to be back.

Probably something about the normalcy of it all.

And, although we returned to our old familiar perch on the deck, we could see that there we lots of changes in the air.  While most of the world was hunkering down, hiding and social distancing, Bumper’s was going full speed ahead!  They have added eleven new boat slips and expanded the parking lot for even more customers to enjoy.

In fact, there are even more changes in the works, but they will just have to be surprises at this point.

So, we were not really sure what to expect upon our arrival at Bumper’s.  They had been closed like most other establishments, (only doing take-out), until just a few days before we were scheduled to play.

More importantly than the Covid, the temperature was hovering around the 50’s.  Although boaters are pretty hardy, they sure do love their sunshine.

We were pleasantly surprised when we pulled into the parking lot and saw the cars, filling it.  As it turned out, the inside was full, the patio was three quarters full and the deck was enjoying a good turn-out as well.

The stage was set for our official return.

Starting at 6:00 in the summer, we began with our one usual song too get settled in, but soon were pushing the musical limits and boundaries.

The patrons seemed just as excited to have us back as we were to be there, and they showed us.  The first set was very high-energy and up tempo.  There were even customers dancing.

Ah, its so great to be back!

During our very first break of the summer, we took time to welcome everyone back, and catch up with what was important in their lives.  (You know, catching up with old friends!)

The second and third sets seemed the right time to get everyone’s request list addressed.  LOVE playing people’s favorites and making them happy!

We met a great group of guys from Europe who were working in Michigan.  They stopped by and made things even more enjoyable with their unbridled enthusiasm for live music.

Thanks Michelle for making them feel right at home!

The rest of the evening flew by, as the temperature dropped below fifty.  We pulled up stakes around 10:45 since everyone was inside the bar by then.

Can’t wait to return on Saturday, it promises to be truly epic!

Come see us, you will believe that you have never even left.


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