At a country club in August!  Few things could be better.

Sometimes we are just so appreciative when wonderful opportunities like this allow us to be part of some amazing events that we would otherwise never experience.

When entertaining at The Country Club Of Lansing, there are so many things that we could be thankful for.  The nice staff that welcomed us as we arrived.  The beautiful landscape that framed the entire experience, or the wonderful people we were lucky enough to be able to share our music with.

Actually, its all the above!

Being able to drive right up to the tent to unload made things simple and easy.  (reminds me of us.  I’m simple and Carl is easy!). Anyway, setting up was easy and gave us time to explore the grounds a little bit before we played.

The clubhouse was amazing; old school but immaculate and impressive.  The course looked incredible, as the fairways appeared as though you could putt of of them.

Good wow!

Time to play, and even that was easy, as we had a chance to talk to some members who had great opinions of what music we should share.

The nights’ theme was Date Night, so it gave us a direction to head into, musically.  Tonight was going to be filled with music, more romantic than usual.

Ah, to be on the dance floor, holding the one you love!

Having played there already this summer, the members all knew what to expect from us.   A few of them had requests ready to go as the night evolved from romance to passion!

Eventually we turned up the beat and the people responded.

Only playing three hours sometimes makes the evening fly by, and tonight was one of those nights.  It seems like we are just getting into the groove, and its time to pack everything back up and head home.

Playing at The Country Club Of Lansing was one of the true highlights of this entire summer.  Even the ride up and back was enjoyable.

We certainly hope to be back again next year for more of everything.


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