Since dreamers began dreaming, people have been looking for a pot of gold at rainbow’s end.  Well, here at Bumper’s Landing, we believe we have found it!

Real treasure is hard to come by.  It’s illusive, it’s valuable and it’s well guarded.

However, sometimes, the reason that people can’t find it, is that they simply don’t know how to recognize it. They look with only their eyes, but simply cannot see it.

You might not believe this, but some people don’t know how lucky they are to have something so precious and amazing right in front of them, .  They’ll never recognize how rare and special it is.

Until it’s gone.

Carl and I know it, and are reminded each and every time we arrive at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township, Michigan.

In our musical career, we can confidently say, this is our pot of gold!

No, we’re not talking about money; money comes and goes.  We’re talking about things much more tangible.  Things that truly matter.  Things that last.

Relationships with wonderful people who work together to attain the same goals and purpose.  To strive to be the best at what they do.  To create an experience that is consistent and professional, that elevates everyone around us.

To nurture good will, excitement, pleasure and happiness.

Everyone from the owner and his family, to the managers, bartenders and servers, right  down to the bus boys and security, labor to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, safety, relaxation and wellness, under one roof.

Our pot of gold.

We have worked many many venues over our long careers, and while some have been wonderful, Bumper’s is on top of the list.  We are treated like family, and that is more than we could every have hoped for.

(Worth its weight in gold, you might say.)

No one makes a fuss over us, that’s not what we need or want.  We show up, set up and go about our business entertaining.  Working, like Rock Stars, but, not really.

We don’t make demands.  We don’t cause a fuss or problems.  We don’t show up late, sloppy or unable to perform.  Drunk or belligerent.

In that respect, we are completely boring.  We don’t need to be coddled, stroked or gushed over.  We come, we play and we leave.  Doing what is expected of us, and most assuredly, more.

We always try and do what ever it takes to make the evening a success.  Whether its music, promotion or customer relations, a huge part off what we do is communicating with patrons to gauge from their feed-back how the are enjoying themselves.

In our business, our interaction with the customers is paramount if we want them to have the positive experience, they were hoping for when they decided to spend their evening there.

Seek happiness, and you will find it here.

At any typical venue, if the patrons were enjoying themselves outside, and it began to storm, the place would be empty in about five minutes.

End of the night, and story.

Ah, but in this fairy tale, when the storm comes along and rages its best to break up the crowd, they simply wait it our and reappear with even bigger smiles on their faces!

The funniest part is: no one says a word about the rainbow that suddenly appeared over their club house.  (They all know where the pot of gold is, and no one wants to give away its location to the rest of the unappreciative world.)

It will remain our little secret.

Let me leave you with this one thought.

There is a lot of fools gold out there.  It might look shiny and bright, rich and alluring, but will never bring you happiness.  If you are lucky enough to find your true pot of gold; grab hold of it, enjoy every moment, and never let it go.  For if you do . . .

you will regret it for the rest of your days.





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