Summertime in Michigan.

Just reading those words should conjure many happy images.

Baseball, Birch Run,  barbecues.  Lighthouses,  leisure and Lake Saint Clair.  Paper plates, Port Sanilac and plentiful peacefulness.

There’s another one that might not be a household word, but ranks right up there with Carl and I . . .  Taylors Beach Family Campground.

Bustling with activity and family choices, Taylors Beach is a rustic retreat, only miles from the suburbs.

This is our third summer of entertaining there, and we seem to enjoy it more, each and every time we are lucky enough to be asked back.

With its own lake and lodge, every campsite has access to all the amenities that any fun-lovin’ family could imagine.  Campfires, games, swimming and exploring.  Dances, biking and putt-putt golf.

Ah, to be young and at an Rv park in the summer!

Its kind of funny, but when we do arrive on-site, there is no fanfare at all.  (to be expected). Truth is, folks are too wrapped up in the fun they are having.

We pull up, start moving picnic tables in the pavilion, and are not bothered by anyone at all.  It’s not that people are unaware, they just are enjoying whatever they are doing.  And, believe you, me, there’s plenty for them to be doing.

Since it was our second trip to Taylors Beach this summer, we were pretty comfortable with everything.  We drive up, set up and are ready to Rock N’ Roll, as they say.

We actually began playing at one O’clock, when there was no one technically at the pavillion.  The music brought them running though.

Well, not really running, but walking a little faster than normal.  Our first set was an eclectic blend of all things musically enjoyable.  Each song different from the last, and from the next one in the chamber.

Playing our unique mix of songs also helps brings in and connects with lots of ages, genres and occupations.

Something for everyone is kinda our jam.

Country, rock, Irish, oldies or island?  Pop, blue-grass or blues.  We’ve got something for everyone.  Maybe why we have been around for so long. . . .

The songs were making the connection we envisioned, as evidenced by the way that the crowd was responding. We had some dancers, some Limbo’r’s and even some fun-in-the-sunners!

Only playing three sets, it all goes by pretty fast, I’m not gonna’ lie.  Seems as though by the time we get ready to play the first song, it’s time to pack it all back up.  That’s ok though, since we play many hours at some other gigs.

Just look at those smiling faces!

Pretty pleased, all in all.  In the end, we came, we played and we moved on.  (Actually playing at Bumper’s in a few short hours . . .)

It was another great summer day to be alive and well in the great Michigan out-of-doors!


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