When I say that its fun to play at Bumper’s Landing . . .

I’m not just making it up.  Oh, it’s serious and it’s real!

You know the kind of fun that you have that’s un-planned, spontaneous and exciting?

THAT kind of fun!

It’s never dull, you know that by now.  And, it’s usually not crazy all night.  Most nights are somewhere in the middle.  But most of the time,  uhm, hell, ALL of the time, it’s fun!

Fun to play, fun to watch, fun to just be a part of.  So much going on, and so so many great people, friends and staff.

And, know what else, fun never gets old.

If you think about it, Carl and I pretty much spend most of our time at Bumper’s wrapped up in what we are going to play, playing and what we need to play next; so we don’t have a great deal of time to worry about what’s happening around us.  Then throw in the unknown of the weather, and we suddenly have a lot on our plates.  Now consider that we have so many friends at Bumper’s, and how they each want to chat with us during our breaks.  (now you’re getting it . . . )

So, FUN actually needs to take care of itself.

And, luckily, it does!

Most everyone is animated in some way; smiling, laughing, chatting, telling a story, dancing or ranting about whatever they are trying to work through in their lives.  Bumper’s can be a very relaxing place, though you wouldn’t notice it right away.

It’s true, think about it with me . . .

. . . when people are relaxing, they show it in so many different ways; and it’s not always, quietly.

In this day and age, there is an awful lot of steam to be let off, and Bumper’s Landing is just the right place to do it.

Another test of my statement is to simply look around the next time you are there.  Do so and you’ll see smiles everywhere.  I’m far from a genius, but I have noticed that when people smile, they are usually happy.  And being happy is relaxing too.

Another thing we have noticed . . .

. . . fun is contagious as well.

When the staff is having fun, and we are having fun, then sooner or later, the customers are having fun too!  All of them.

It’s true!

Interesting how that works.

I realize that fun in not the type of thing that most people analyze.  Ok, I get it, but there is just so much of it at Bumper’s that I become fascinated by the entire dynamic.  I can’t hide it any longer.

I am here to spread the word

Bumper’s Landing = Relaxing fun that is contagious!


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