It’s been a while since Carl and I journeyed to The Pix Theater in Lapeer. 

 While it seems like it was just yesterday, it’s already been a couple of years. The ride there takes a bit, but is completely worth it. The theater is warm and cozy, the staff are helpful and accommodating, and the patrons are pleasant and welcoming.

We arrived an hour and a half early, just to get settled and do our sound usual check. Everything was fine, and Amanda, (the sound person), took care of everything else that we could have possibly needed.

All that remained was for Carl and I to decide what we wanted to play. Of course it was Irish music, (since it was the day before Saint Paddy’s Day),

The setting is perfect for acoustics, and the very best way to listen to our signature blend of vocal harmonies.  Irish music is not subtle in any way.  The songs of Irish life and love come filled with fire, and fellowship, humanity and incite in the human condition.  Nothing connects people more than a haunting melody and story of  an Irish lass and her love for her man.

We played so many of our personal favorites that we nearly ran out of time before our show was to end.  The audience got to request a few tunes that they dearly wanted to hear, and in playing them, we made everyone very happy.

As the show ended, and the lights came up on the tiny theatre, Carl and I had a small, “meet and greet” with the patrons who made the trek to Lapeer to share their day with us.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.


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