Orchard Lake Country Club

This year, Carl and I had the amazing opportunity of sharing Saint Patrick’s Day with some wonderful members of the Orchard Lake Country Club, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

We’ve created a lot of St. Paddy’s memories over the years, but this one was just as special. Not the loud, boisterous, “Wearing’ O’ The Green!” that we have seen and know all too well, but the pleasant, enjoyable, more subdued celebration, that seemed just as relevant.

Not knowing what to expect, we arrived early, and quietly looked around. Beautiful, elegant and timeless were just some of the words we used to describe our setting.

As more and more staff and members arrived, we set up and began tuning our instruments for the upcoming performance. Poised to begin, the helpful staff made sure that we had full drinks and everything else that we needed to be comfortable.

While tables all around us began to engage in spirited conversation and thought, Carl and I began our journey through the Irish countryside, in song.

Music rose from us like the lilt of whetted grass on a morn, in spring; enchanting and enlivening even the most distant patron to renounce the troubles of a callous world. The songs connected with the listeners, thou of another time and place, until most raised their voices in a chorus of Irish unity.

In a wee bit, most tables were thoroughly engaged, captured as the melodiously happy hostages they truly were. Song after song poured out of us until we were being reminded that it was nearly time to go.

Several voices plied us to broaden our setlist to include some newer tunes made famous by that modern day Irish hero, Van Morrison. Being totally grateful to even be entertaining at this amazing venue, we gleefully ended our evening by paying homage to that less-than-Irish, Brown Eye’d Girl.

What a wonderful Saint Patrick’s day, for everyone involved in it. As many of the wonderful staff vocalized, “We hope you will be back!”

Carl and I hope so too.


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