The Fifth Tavern – March 18, 2022

Worn down from two longs days of work and music, we got a call late Thursday night.  It seems it was the fair damsel, Michelle, from The Fifth Tavern, who lit the Bob and Carl signal; and we of course, responded to save the day.  The Fifth Tavern needed a group to fill in for the entertainment who had to cancel at the last moment. Since our own gig for Saturday was itself cancelled, we both agreed to take the Friday night event.

After work, we jumped in the van and we headed out to Clarkston to set up and get ready for the night. Michelle greeted us at the door and made everything that much better, just by being her self.

You have no idea how many managers we have run into over the years, who feel the need to micr-manage us. Trust me when I tell you . . . we do not need that.

The hardest part about The Fifth Tavern is trying to get a parking spot that we can move our equipment from.  It took us a while, but eventually, we got primo spot, and all our gear inside and ready to assemble.  With lots of patience, everything was in place and ready to rumble.

Our first set was pretty quiet to begin with, since we are very continue about our volume level, and how best to endocrine the patrons to our music.  Starting softly usually works pretty well, and we can always turn up from there, if needed.

Since we only entertain for three hours, it doesn’t take us long to play songs that people really enjoy hearing.  Some bands make folks wait, by playing the”B” sides in their first set.  That’s just not our style.  We go right for the good stuff two songs into our night.  “Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!” Kinda

Our first break allowed us to meet some great people  enjoying the night, and some regulars whom we know well by now.  Always wonderful to see those smiling faces, and hear what songs really matter to them.

Armed with those requests, we hit the second set a bit harder, turning up the volume, the tempo and the room temperature.   We were rolling now and the reactions were positive and glowing.  All styles of music were on the table as the negotiations for the last setlist were opened in earnest.

It was another good night as we packed our gear and headed back to the quiet confides of Macomb Township for a hard earned weekend off.

Thanks again for all those who were there, and hope to see you back there soon!


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