It was one of those nights when everyone had settled in, and some had left, and it seemed as though the end of the evening was going to drag out until it was finally time to go.  Yep, it’s just that time of the year.

But, no.

Just as all of those things seemed very likely to come into play, we noticed a commotion at the door, and in sprang a group of smiling twenty-somethings’ with mischief clearly on their minds!

I should probably back up though, to be fair.

To that point, it had been a great night for everyone. A warm crowd was occupying Bumper’s Landing, and the conversation was warm, lively and loud. All that was needed was some music to bridge the transition from dinner to basketball tournament to classic oldies and more.

Most thing in life have a natural ebb and flow to them.  An ascent and a decent, so to speak.  Most night as an entertainer are a lot like that as well.  We see it all the time; the evening begins slow and the as people pour in, the energy levels raise until a peak is reached, and the tide recedes to wash over everyone, like a warm wave of fulfillment and mutual satisfaction.

Yep, most nights are a lot like that.

This one was just the same way actually.  It began slow and after the first three sets, had reached its apogee, and was beginning to settle in to a nice quiet finish to another fun night at this amazing place near the water.

When . . .

 . . . THEY arrived!  A gaggle of young, carefree youths with nothing to lose except their inhibitions.

You know its going to be a good time, when the door opens, and an entire group arrives, but basically announces their arrival at the door.  Like, “We are here, We are here, We are HEEEAAAR!”

And, here they were.  Singing, dancing, eating, drinking, smiling.  full of energy, full of fun, full of piss and vinegar!

(Carl and I admire that in a group of young gals).  So, now it was on like Donkey Kong, and we needed to ratchet things up to a respectable party level yet again.

So for the last set of the night, there was dancing, and singing and mischief and more.  We couldn’t keep up, so we just let them take charge and held on for dear life.

When the dust settled, they were spent, and Carl and I were still alive.  Chalk up another one for the good guys!




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