This is such a tough time of year. The weather, the holidays, the social options, the calendar.  Thank God for the wonderful friends in our lives to always pull us through.

So many reasons to not go out and that most people probably just give in rather than making the effort at all. When they do however, we are glad that they share their evening with us at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township

Of course Carl and I look forward to entertaining in general, but enjoy it even more when the house is full and smiles are plentiful.   When patrons are happy, we sound even better, if that makes any sense to you.

Last Saturday, the house was half full when we arrived, with no real prospects for the night evolving into something memorable. By our first set we weren’t sure if anything was going to happen to bring the night to a boil. (as it happens at Bumper’s Landing, more than not).

Eventually, however, we had our answer. Our second two sets were good, fun, and enjoyable but lacking that spark that makes things really explosive. The crowd was appreciative, but engaged in their own conversations and concentration. That’s all fine and good, (since we don’t need to be the center of attention); it’s just that when everyone is participating in the music, the venue usually comes alive!

It was Alyssa’s birthday party, and their group was having a great time, but was out in the patio room several miles from us.  She’s a great girl and has so many friends that I couldn’t even try and list them here.  By now, Julie and Alyssa have become part of the Bumper’s Family.  As luck would have it, they had a big group and were sharing her birthday celebration with everyone.   We played all their favorite tunes, and when they gave us the thumbs up, we knew that the evening had reached a new plateau.

Two sets done and time to put the night on cruise control, (with just one hour to go.)

And then . . .

My brother (from Florida), and his friend decided to stop by and share their evening with us. He loves music, and enjoys everything about the rock and roll lifestyle. (and, occasionally lives it). You might say he’s a walking party, and brings a lot of fun with him wherever he goes.

Paired with his friend, they make everything and anything a little more “unstable”, for lack of a better word. (but, in a good way)

We played our last set with a vigor that is unrivaled in these parts as we attacked each song until it’s musical crescendo forced us to jump to the next.

Each song was a tribute to the latent “party animal” in each one of us. We really enjoy getting everyone to participate in our show, and choosing sing-a-long songs is one of the very best ways to make that happen.

Patrons were singing, some people dancing, and generally creating an atmosphere of euphoria and participation that makes everyone feel like they were suddenly in the friendliest bar on the planet.

That’s always our goal: to get everyone feeling the bliss  they sought when they left their homes to share their evening with us.

Tonight there were no “big” games on the TV. No event that was a destination of participation. The folks that came out tonight, were just looking to have a great time, or some good food; or maybe, they wanted to just have an adult beverage with their friends or significant others.

As for my brother and his friend, well, they had a great time too!

They stayed till the bitter end, and after we loaded up our gear, we wished them well and reflected on another amazing night at Bumper’s Landing. In this business, we value patrons, respect the staff and enjoy the strangers that pass through our doors.

That being said, we really love our friends. They pick us up when we are down. They pull us through and give us energy. Our friends are the best. Maybe, that is what friends are for!


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