When the temperature hits the eights, the water is the perfect place to be.  Maybe it doesn’t even need to be that hot, but people feel the need; the need to stampede!

. . . To the water, that is.

And they did just that last Saturday night, at Bumper’s Landing, in scenic Harrison Township.  The thermostat was climbing, and the water was beaconing.

It was already busy when Carl and I arrived to set up.  There was even a table of sun-worshipers set up under the gazebo, where we usually play.

It was busy all right, but would soon get even busier.

Our set-up was pretty smooth, and before we knew it, it was time to begin playing.

We launched right into our first set with quiet confidence.   Knowing, the crowd, knowing the weather would be perfect.  Knowing our pace for the evening.  All of these things translated to a very good start to a wonderful night ahead.

Every table was full, and there were people starting to mill about when we finished our first set and got the opportunity to chat with people on our first break.

We really look forward to hearing from the patrons, as they take in all of the sights, sounds and smells of Bumper’s for the first time.  It can be very overwhelming.  (Kind of like our music).

Hawaiian shirts, bathing suits, flip-flops and canines, as far as the eyes could see.  The patio was overflowing, and everyone was loving it!

Shout-out to the hardworking waitstaff at Bumper’s.  Each night, Carl and I tip our hats to the excellent workers that go over and beyond with every shift.  They work as hard as anyone can, and never offer a word of complaint about anything.

We never see them stand still for more than a small moment at any time.  To watch them work as an unit to serve this throng was truly amazing.  We see it, night after night.  The staff at Bumper’s is second to none!

Back to the music.

Our second set was more of us trying to keep up with the barrage of requests that were coming in, hot and heavy.  The warm temperatures didn’t seem to effect the mood of the crowd, as they seemed to be enthusiastic, and loving it!

Between breaks, we had more time to talk to so many happy Bumper’s customers that it hit home the notion that people may not be when they arrive, but soon leave feeling happy!

Something transforms them when they sit by the water, listen to the music, and let themselves become open to the foreign concept of r e l a x a t i o n !

Although the sun set and the lights came out, the thermostat barely dipped at all, making it an perfect ending to a sublime evening on the water.

For our last set of the night, the crowd was more than ready to come up and shake a leg on the dance floor.  (Well, dance area).

We cranked out the tunes and turned up the beat to carry everyone away with the hot summer breeze.  The dancing got even more interesting when as several couples tried to top each other.  In the end, the one with the best top one out.

We finished with a flurry of Elton John and Loggins & Messina.  The music ended just about as hot as the night air.

This was one great, memorable evening by the water.  Going to be tough to top it next Saturday; but by then, we might be up to it.


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