Sitting in the van, as we prepared for our Saturday evening show at Bumper’s Landing, we had absolutely no clue as to what was in store for us.

So, it was about like always.

All day, all weekend to that point, the weather was cool and windy and anything but inviting.

All of that would change.

Around five O’clock, as we began to set up our gear, the sun peeped out, the wind died, and the tables began filling up with the weekend warriors that have begun to populate Bumper’s Landing on a regular basis.

We didn’t expect the break in the weather, but welcomed it with open arms.  Drinking in all of the sights and sounds before our first set, it was apparent that this night was going to be even more special than usual.

Apparently the “Parade of lights” was scheduled to happen later that evening, to the joy of all boaters and on-lookers alike.

Also, there was a bachelorette party arriving by boat, as well as a huge crowd in the area to watch all the sights.  It wasn’t going to be another sleepy little evening at Bumper’s.

Just kidding; it never is!

With the huge crowd, and the scheduled festivities, Carl and I were asked to entertain for  another hour; right until midnight!

The first set was great fun, with people settling in to enjoy every aspect of the venue, inside and out.  The dock was full with every table overflowing, even at that early juncture.

Playing our signature “Island” music, gave us a chance to get our feet under us, as the evening started in an relaxed fashion.

The first set was long but rewarding.

During our first break, there were many happy customers who noted how much they enjoyed the the style of music we played; as it reminded them of being on vacation in the Bahamas.  We take great joy in hearing patrons echo those exact remarks, week in and week out.

Perfect; that’s just what we were going for!

People began to pour in by the middle of the second set.

Additionally the bachelorette party arrived, and everything got cranked up another to notch!  All great girls, and none of them out of control.  This is how to do a girls-night-out party; they were all having fun, but no one got crazy or out of hand.

Speaking of out of hand, wow, we had never seen it that busy at Bumper’s before; and it has been busy!

As the evening turning to night, the dancers packed the dance area, and even the moon came out to join the party.  The boats were cruising by, the venue was packed and getting even more busy.  Cars were triple parked everywhere, the street was jammed and the deck was overflowing onto the boats.

I heard that you could sell a table for twenty dollars to those waiting!

I have no idea how the incredible staff at Bumper’s kept up with this mass of humanity, but they certainly did.  I heard no complaints from anyone at all.

Great job!!!

Since there were so many people, Carl and I had to turn up the music, just to hear ourselves.  With the louder decibels, came an uptick in tempo and tunes.  We played song after song without even stopping to catch our breath.  It was a bit of unorganized chaos.

Island music turned to oldies and then to good old rock and roll, as the boats began illuminating the water.  After three of four groovy dance tunes, we had to slow it down with a seldom heard rendition of the legendary Lenard Cohen song: “Hallelujah”.

It was the calm before the storm, as the last set to twelve contained even more dance and listening favorites.

There was a little bit for everyone sprinkled in this set: Garth Brooks, Kid Rock and Billy Joel.  The crowd was singing, the crowd was dancing and oohing and ahhhing at the passing boats who blasted their music back in salute.

Tearing down our gear and packing it away for another gig, while in the dark, gave us a moment to recover.  It was an amazing night for everyone.

So many people.  So many happy souls, coming together by the water.  What a glorious summer, so far.  We have been through so much.  We have seen so many amazing sights.

And, so much more to come!




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