It’s been more than five years that we have entertained at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan.

We are veterans of many, many incredible nights in front of the oak barrels.  You might say that we are Mouse-Keteers of sorts.

Yup, the only thing that we do differently from most Disney theme-park attractions is drink on the job!  (Well, maybe not the only thing.)

Like Disney, we are there to entertain and help foster a sense of enjoyment and happiness. Most nights we manage it, for the most part.

The Mice is a very comfortable place to play.  The imported, aged decor, soft lighting and solid wood seating ties everything together to help the legacy endure for probably another hundred years.

Something about how the acoustics blend with the contented patrons really enhances the entire experience.  Organic music that just seems to grow, enrich and evolve here.

The intimacy of the seating, arranged in a “round” forever makes the Thee Blind Mice a wonderful environment to entertain in.  Having people nearly on top of you, forces an interaction that most times establishes a bond that has in some cases, grown for years.

We have met many wonderful people in just such a way, remaining connected to this day, through a mutual love of music.

Each night as our music reverberates throughout these walls, we are struck by the way the pub brings together each element at hand to create an magical musical experience.

When we add our talent, it is the last ingredient needed to blend everything together to make musical memories that we know will last forever.

We have lived, breathed and sweated within these welcoming walls for more than five years now, and hope to do so for many more to come.

We love the Three Blind Mice, and hope that it is heard in our music, each and every performance.


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