Back in the 80’s there was a landmark television series based on the premiss, somewhere in just about every small town and hamlet America, there is a local pub, bar or watering hole, where “Everyone knows your name.”

In Harrison Township, just down the road and around the bend, there is just such a place; Bumper’s Landing.

Bumper’s is warm, friendly and always exciting.  It has great service, mouth watering food and drinks designed to help you cope with anything this cruel world can dish out.

Add live music, special events and its proximity to the lake, and you have all the makings of a legendary tavern that over time will become everyone’s favorite summer club-house.

Some things you notice every once in a long while.  Some things catch your eye occasionally and some things jump out and nearly hit you over the head.  Each and every time Carl and I entertain at Bumper’s Landing, we are struck with just how nice everyone is.  Just how happy and content they seem.

From the very moment we arrive until we are heading out some six hours later, the people at Bumper’s are always so wonderful to us.  One venue that always becomes worth writing home about.

Being right on the water, these boaters congregate there for any reason at all.  As I have noted, they are by and large happy people, and for whatever reason seem happiest near the water.  They love it, and we love them for it.  Fun, energetic and amiable twenty-four-seven, we have kind of been adopted by them.

Embarking on our fourth summer at Bumper’s we couldn’t be more excited to build on the wonderful work that the owner and staff have embarked upon.

I believe that Carl and feel a real kinship with the Bumper’s staff because in all truthfulness, they work as hard as we do.  We see it each and every time we are there.

Being part of an incredible hard-working team only makes us want to do more as well.  We try and help out in every way that we can think of.

We are always doing our utmost to please the patrons with song and fellowship.  We try and move in quickly and expeditiously, and move out without being in anyone’s way.

We start on time, commiserate with the customers and find out how we can please them for their next visit.  We take and post pictures to showcase the venue and always promote it online when possible.  We do our utmost to communicate just how lucky we are to have the opportunity to entertain there.

We try and work as hard or harder than we possibly are expected to.  We feel if we do all of these things, good things will follow for everyone involved.  In this way, when we are finished with our playing days, we can be very proud of our entertainment legacy.

We are closing in on fifty years of performing.  (sixty, if you factor in our concerts in the school bands and orchestras.)  And in all of that time, we have never missed a gig, been let go, or failed a client or customer.

That. to me, is pretty remarkable, in and of itself.

Last Saturday nights a matter of fact, we arrived to smiling faces, and entertained them nearly a half hour past our ending time.  We did thirty minutes of encores!

Those are some happy people at Bumper’s Landing.  Our kind of people.  They never whine, they never complain and they know exactly how to “go with the flow.”

That might be a big reason while we appreciate them so much.  It’s a great relationship.

On this particular night, it was just a great big, fun, enjoyable experience, from start to finish.  Smiling faces, happy patrons, dancing feet.  It is just the kind of night that we all enjoy.

To be honest, the time flew by, as it usually does when things are going right.  Everyone playing their part.

Happy patrons laughing, smiling, dancing and even playing the Tamborine!

On most nights when Carl and I are heading home, we take a few moments to reflect on the evening’s events.  When we are heading home from Bumper’s Landing, the ride is usually quite gratifying, knowing that we gave it all yet again.


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