There are places where everybody knows your name.

Places you feel right at home.  And, then again, “There are places, I remember.”  (Thank you, John and Paul).

However, the place  we want to talk about is the place where everyone is always happy.  (There might be more places like this around, but we haven’t found them yet.)

Sometimes it’s crazy.
Sometimes it’s wild.
Sometimes it’s all of that and more.

We never know what we are walking into, actually.  Bumper’s might be many things, but it is never, ever dull.

As a matter of fact, for us, it’s always the right place.

It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s dynamic in ways that are difficult to quantify.  Even as we arrive, Carl and I have virtually no idea what will happen.  We know that we will entertain, but whom, when and where is always up for grabs.

Just last Saturday night as we pulled into the parking lot, we were still trying to ascertain wether the weather would cooperate or not.

It was cool and ready to rain at any moment.

This time of year can certainly be tricky, and most likely as soon as we would set up and get ready to play, it could very well pour.

If we were to make the wrong call, and get rained on, we would have to dry all the equipment, tear it down and then move it inside and set it all up again.

Not the end of the world, but no fun for anyone.

So after considering the options, Carl and I decided to play it safe and set up inside.

That went smoothly, and as we had lots of time before we were to officially begin.  It gave us the opportunity to talk with some of the hardworking staff who make it all run.

They are as nice as they are talented.

Ready to begin early, Carl and I started with some Jimmy Buffett to get things rolling along.  Some country, then rock, then Island and more Rock & Roll.

One song melded into the next as we began to hit our stride after being away for several weeks.  The patrons didn’t care, they were by the water, well cared for and with sustanance and drink.

Inside, some little guys and their grandpa were making the most of every song.

(Kids seem more involved in music than we ever were at their age).  They were singing, dancing and having a splendid time.

Soon, however, they were heading home and most likely to bed.  It was time for the adults to shine.

After two solid sets of everything from country rock, to rocking’ country, and everything in between, we had the entire place going!

The Tamborine was out and girls were dancing and prancing to the music.  We slowed it down and the dance floor was filled.  We sped it up and we saw more moves than a bucket full of worms!

It was another great night.  Even with the weather, so, so, it was another fun evening for everyone.

We are so lucky to be a part of it; and miss it terribly when we are away.

You might go to your favorite restaurant for a good meal, your favorite bar for a refreshing drink and your favorite concert venue for great music . . .

. . . or, you could just go to Bumper’s Landing for all of it under the same roof!

We hope you do, because we’ll be here waiting.  It’s truly always the right place!


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