We celebrate the special moments in our lives.

The birthdays, the weddings, the triumphs and sometimes even the accomplishments of others.  Parents, kids, spouses, friends, co-workers and or strangers gather to celebrate life’s big or even little successes.

We mark the days, the dates and sometimes the missed opportunities.  The anniversaries, the remembrances and especially the chances we have to begin anew.

We celebrate the mere fact of still being alive.

We love to celebrate.

Why not, it’s one of life’s little affirmations of who we were, who we are and who we wish someday to be.  Celebrations mark our years as we reach or labor at attaining our personal milestones.

We celebrate victories no matter how big or small, and sometimes with a furor unmatched by anyone other than an escaped prisoner!

If celebrating is your goal, there is no better place to accomplish it than Bumper’s Landing.  Bring the whole gang, we’ll make them feel right at home with libation, food and song.

Just this last Saturday evening, there was a great party we were a part of with everyone enjoying themselves to the fullest.

The new patio room was in full swing as one young lady had her 50th birthday celebration complete with all of her dear friends.

Even thought the group was moderately sized, they sure took over the place!  Everyone had smiles on their faces as the evening took on a life of its own.

We did our very best to keep up as the music went from listening to singing along to dancing up a storm.  No worries, Carl and I enjoyed each and every part of it.

By then the rest of the place was heavy invested too as the celebration spilled over to the regular folks just trying to have a regular good time.

On nights like these we begin our night playing songs that lay the groundwork for a nice evening.  We begin with more listening songs, but music that hints at the coming of summer and warmer weather.

Although the holidays are right around the corner, there is still and great sense of stress in the air, as people run here and there trying to make every detail of the season come out just right.  We do what we can to lighten the entire mood by going from easy listening music to Funtime party songs,  Tequila,  Kokomo or Runaround Sue just to name a few.

So the night begins slow, usually and then escalates from there depending on the people and their level of direct engagement.  Until, the last part of the night arrives, (along with a fair amount of alcohol), and everyone is all happy-smiles and craziness.

That’s where we do what we can to hold on and do our best to play what people consider “dance music”.

Dance music of course covers a very broad genre of music, from Techno and Trance to Juke, Jive and Disco.  We even get a request or two for a good old fashioned Polka every now and again.

So we cranked out the dance tunes to everyone’s delight and even throw out an encore or two as the clock wound it’s away to the midnight hour

The birthday celebration was a huge success.  Everyone went home feeling good.

We do love to celebrate.  Why not?  There sure are enough bad things going on in the world, why not take note of the ones that will forever be warm memories.

Is it really worth it to you to waste even a day of your life, when you know exactly what will make you happy?

So why not create those memories at Bumper’s Landing.  We’ll help you blow out the candles.



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