While people want change, they only welcome change that suits them,  makes them happy or works in their favor.

I get that.

So as we embrace the new roaring twenties, we might as well pause for a bit and take stock of what we are giving up.  What are we changing?

There were some positives in 2019 . . .

Musically, we entertained a lot of people.  We connected people with our music and made lots of folks happy.  (That is why we play.). We wouldn’t change that, other than to do it more often or for even more people.

We brought music into the lives of lots of people who enjoyed it, and maybe had never heard some of those songs before.  That alone keeps the legacy of the artists alive and relevant; so that is good.

In 2019 we were lucky enough to be able to bring Christmas joy to over a thousand school children.  That is something that is priceless beyond any scope of measurement.

Apparently we were healthy, (not really wealthy) and not sure if we were any wiser.  All in all, we both felt blessed to have had the musical opportunities we did.

While there were defiantly some positive experiences in 2019, much of it was extremely frustrating.

I’m talking primarily about how people treat other people.

This perpetual erosion of  common decency needs to stop.  The compulsive lying, the personal attacks, the egregious political correctness and the simple lack of respect for others needs to be addressed.

We are hoping that with this coming election, things will get so bad that people will once and for all have had enough and want to do something positive about it.

I said it was a hope, I didn’t say that it was a reality.

Things need to get better, and I am suggesting that music can make that happen.  We promise to do our part.

This last Saturday, we were lucky enough to be able to entertain at Bumper’s Landing.

What a joy!

We love the owner, the staff that patrons and even the thought of going to work there.  Always, fun, always positive and always something different. (In a good way)

Saturday evening was another lesson in simple art of enjoyment.  Ah these boaters know how to do it.  Smiles are the uniform, cordial is the treatment and happy is the demeanor on each and every one of these patrons.

Such an honor and joy to be able to sing for them.

Since the playoffs had arrived, Carl and I waited until the first game concluded before we cranked up the music.

Because the Texans emerged victorious we though it only fitting to begin our set with: All My Exe’s Live in Texas! Halfway through the songs we had enguaged everyone within earshot to sing along.  These are the wonderful times that we will look back on someday.

Our entire first set was quite compelling and aptly appreciated by the entire bar, as voices were heard in unison echoing back our way.

Though the next big game was on, we never stopped leading the patrons on their merry way to music-ville as song after song was met with even greater fervor.

One couple tried hard to leave but our songs kept them anchored to the bar.  It is so nice when people show you how much they appricatebe our hard work and talent.

Just then another group of merry travelers arrived and rattled off several requests to keep us on our toes.  It was the perfect way to get us through the evening, playing song after song back to back.

More dancing and singing followed until we were just about out of time.  At the very last, we played an encore, and then one more song, so that everyone would feel just as special as we know they are.

It was a very enjoyable evening at Bumper’s Landing.  Somehow it always is.  When you are looking for a place to spend the evening, on a winter, spring or summer day, look no further.

This year will be even better than the last.  It’s up to us to make it happen.  Carl and I will do our part, we promise!


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