The rain had been threatening all week with flooding everywhere by Friday.  It seemed certain that we would have to play indoors on Saturday, if we played at all.

However somehow, by 10:30 in the morning, the rain subsided and people began to poke their heads out as if to look for an ark.  You’d think that a business that was situated beside the water would be able to shrug a few inches of rain right off and get ready to handle the patrons with ease. Right?

. . . and, of course you would be correct!

By 4:30, (our usual arrival time), Bumper’s Landing was bustling and ready to go.  The Tiki was open and all that seemed to be missing were two lucky musicians eager to fill the afternoon with song.

We set up with ease since people were slowly arriving for some relaxing moments by the waves. Everything was in place when we began to sing.

The sky was indeed “iffy”, but Carl and I were confident that the rain would hold off for the evening.

Lots of new faces adorned the boardwalk as the music began to filter in, out and around the waterfront.  Our focus seemed to be on lots of lite country songs with a smattering of  the usual Yacht Rock favorites.

Smiling patrons singing along told us visually that we were pleasing those who came to enjoy the unique vibe that is totally Bumper’s.

There were plenty of people inside as well, eating, drinking chatting and generally just enjoying life by the water.  Who could blame them, boaters know how to find any island of paradise no matter how far off the map.

Out under the pavilion, the music was really flowing by our second set.  The boss was at the Tiki so we had better play some new/old songs for him and his crew.  “Follow Me” by Uncle Cracker was the ticket to get everyone singing just in time for the boats to come in and the boardwalk to start really humming.

Music truly builds bridges between people because as the songs poured out of us, the connection between all those within earshot became stronger and stronger.

There are some connections that simple cannot be broken.

It’s always interesting how so many people from such diverse backgrounds all find common ground in a place that is so welcoming.  Maybe we take it too personal, but Carl and I would like to believe that we help this melting pot of humanity by offering music that is the best of what we as a people have written.  Music born of our shared feelings and emotions as we navigate this crazy existence.  All we ask is that you continue to take this journey with us.

The only thing you need bring when you come to Bumper’s is a smile.  We’ll provide the rest.

It was another good night.

Lots to remember.  We encountered two bachelorette parties, one entertaining millionaire trying to dock his million dollar baby.  Old friends, loyal friends, happy dancing girls, a gaggle of young go-getters from L’Anse Cruise and even Cadillac Jack, himself!

Hmmmmmm, was anyone or anything missing?

You’ll have to join us next week to find out.




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