What is the true meaning of happiness?

Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness.

Although we take our job very seriously, we do know that it is just to make people happy as they relax, fuel up and fortify for the cruel world outside that awaits them.

We simply bring song.

We dispense little three-minute capsules of distilled-pleasant-memories, contained in melodic and lyrical form.


Our music is designed to soothe the savage beasts within us all.  To keep people happy.  We get paid to bring the musical joy!

Oh, Ok.

When we do that, the whole world is better for it.  Well, I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but the idea is solid.  We do our part.  We work at it, (about eight hours on any given Saturday.)

And, when we do it right, it is rewarding.

Very, very rewarding.

I’m not talking about in a monetary way.  Yes, we get paid, and we do get tips from the wonderful people that attach their own price-tag to songs that they ask us to perform.  But that’s not what I was talking about.

The rewarding part is not when they put money in the jar, but how they communicate their appreciation for what we do and how we do it.  When they approach us and ask for a song, it gives us a chance to please them by bringing one of their favorite tunes or artists to life for a moment of two.

Another reason that we enjoy it, is because it is a way of gauging which way the audience wants us to move, musically.  We play country, Island, Folk, Pop, Oldies and even Rock and Blue Grass at times; so when we get a request to play some, “Blues!”, we move in a direction that we wouldn’t even have thought to go.

That’s one of the wonderful things of performing to a live audience.

Sure, they might be there for the food, the fellowship and the booze, but we do get to try and entertain them when they are.

Saturday by all accounts should have been slow.  It was a Fourth-Of-July weekend, and Carl and I were planning on it being quiet and low-key.

We realized that most people were planning on being with their kids, their families or their  girl and or boyfriends, by the pool this entire weekend.  Those that weren’t were up north, or chilling on the couch.

Anyone left over would be a welcome surprise.

However, from the moment Carl and I arrived at Bumper’s Landing on Saturday, they kept coming in.  By the time that we began playing, the place was filling up, both inside and outside.

Everyone who came through those doors seemed happy and up-beat.  Honestly, when they are happy, we are happy, that’s usually how it works; and Bumper’s people are the happiest people in the world.

What’s more, this summer we have made a concerted effort to play tons of new/old music for our audience.  We have worked tirelessly to upgrade our show with the best in technology, sound and content that we possibly could have.  Truth is, we take this gig very, very seriously and do everything that we can do our best to make it exciting and enjoyable each and every time we play.

Being allowed to entertain at Bumper’s Landing is both a gift and an honor.

We work each and every week to make our show better in all aspects.  We want to keep these people coming back for more, all summer, every year.  We want them loyal and happy.

And to me, loyalty is extremely important.

Our first set was a bit of a crazy mix of “Island music, goes to the county fair!”

As the patrons began pulling us in each direction, it became apparent that all types of music would be welcomed and enjoyed on this afternoon.

Of course we didn’t mind, we love having people be part of the show by sharing their favorite song requests.  And, like two well-worn musical genies, we were there to grant all of their musical wishes!

Some bars are one-trick-ponies.  They allow, blues or rock or country, but not much else.  Bumper’s’s vibe is so chill that we can get away with playing virtually anything, and the customers will still adore it.

So, with all musical genres in play, we set out for our second and third sets.  Our music was country classics and yacht-rock favorites, with oldies and a love-your-brother song or two thrown in for good measure.  (We feel the world needs more of that theses days)

More, Happy!

Everyone sure seemed delighted with our song selection, and our friends who have become The Bob and Carl Fan Club loved them all!

We met some amazing new people, some long-time friends and even had a visit from someone we used to perform with for about twenty years!

We got a surprise visit from Jim Lee, our drummer from Sanctuary and The Boys band.  What a treat, as Carl and I haven’t talked to him in many, many years.

As the sun set, it was time the people to put on their dancing shoes because when we cranked up the tunes, everyone seemed to suddenly to come down with a bad case of Boogie Fever!

It was truly a wonderful evening.  The kind of amazing night that you want to share with your best friend.

Saturday was so wonderful that we simply cannot wait to return to our favorite sleepy-little-bar-by-the-water next week.

Just the thought of it makes me happy.


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